Pasiv PoE splitter
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    • Pasiv PoE splitter

    Pasiv PoE splitter

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    POE Splitters are used to take the power supplied from a POE power supply and split off the data and DC power into separate connectors. These splitters are mainly used for powering legacy devices which are not POE enabled but instead get their power from a DC connector. The POE Y Splitters are useful when two devices need remote power, one device being POE enabled to accept power thru the RJ45 and the other device requiring DC power thru a DC connector. The overall length of these devices is 10 inches. The RJ45 Jack is a high quality CAT5 rated jack for high speed data.

    The POE-SPLT accepts POE power from the CAT5 cable plugged into the RJ45 Jack and routes that DC power to the 5.5/2.1mm DC Plug.

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