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    Automotive Power Adapter with overvoltage protection and other safety features to protect your LtAP and other devices from aggressive vehicle environments.

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    Vi använder DHL & Postnord för leveranser

    Failed car battery, harness coupling, jump-starting or even just switching the AC unit – nasty voltage spikes can occur anywhere, anytime! The built-in gasdischarge tube is an elegant, clever solution. Usually, this gas, secured within a tiny glass tube, does not conduct electricity. However, when a high voltage is applied, the gas becomes ionized, enabling a new low-resistance path for the excess voltage to flow. Excess voltage that otherwise might have fried your devices!

    Another layer of protection is the TVS: transient voltage suppressor semiconductor. This combination of layers protect your devices from extreme voltage spikes. We’ve also added active polarity protection, so that your devices stay safe even if you apply the power in reverse by accident. Additionally, there’s a built-in low-pass filter to block all unwanted impulses, and a standard fuse for extra protection.

    The output voltage can be easily modified via jumper position, but there’s also a pass-through mode – in case if you don’t need input voltage regulation. Remember: preventing a crisis is always cheaper than fixing it!

    Product specifications

    Product codeAPA-1
    Can be used indoorsYes
    Can be used outdoorsYes
    CertificationCE, E-MARK, EAC, ROHS
    Cooling typePassive
    Max power consumption49 W
    Number of DC inputs1
    Tested ambient temperature-40°C to 85°C
    20 st
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